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Secrets: PT2
Secrets are Made to be Spilled
Raivis side
Raivis pulls on his winter boots with a sigh, looks to his overnight bag and realizes that he won't be needing it.  Again.  At this rate, he won't need it again until he graduates.  
"Almost ready Rai?"  Toris asks, popping into the breezeway.  Raivis lets out another sigh and nods.  Really, it's not that he doesn't love his cousin and like spending time with him, it's just… He sort of misses those weekends he and Ivan spent alone.
Toris has never been particularly oblivious, so Raivis' dull mood does not go unnoticed.  Neither does the reason for it.  
"Um, Raivis… Is there a reason why I'm always invited to spend the evening with you two?  Not that I don't like Ivan, but well, Feliks is getting a bit annoyed with it and I don't really see a reason for it…"
"It's because he doesn't, doesn't trust himself alone with me," Raivis
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Secrets: PT1
Secrets are Meant to be Spilled
Ivan side
Ever since the incident with the vodka, Ivan has refused to have Raivis over his house alone.  He does not trust himself alone anymore, knowing that just a few too many drinks will make him a monster.  Often, he invites Toris over.  They get along fine, and it's good to get to know Raivis' family, but as they spend time together Ivan is realizing with increasing clarity that Toris is dangerously trusting.  That thought probably should have come to him sooner than it did.
"Mr. Braginski," Toris says quietly one afternoon, when Raivis has left the room to use the toilet, "I appreciate that you're trying to be responsible and gain my trust by having me over, but… I do trust you with him.  You don't need to go out of your way to invite me."
Ivan can't help but let a very confused, vaguely frustrated expression cross his face.  
"That is… very counter-intuitive, all th
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International Cooperation
International Cooperation
The four of them—England, Prussia, Austria, and Russia, that is—stare at the captive who sits between them.  The bound Frenchman stares back.  England sort of wants to kick him. They all sort of want to kick him, but England especially because he always wants to kick France and now he has a legitimate reason for wanting to.  
"I say we strip him of all his new territories," England says, glaring down at the seated man wearily.  France gives him a wolfish grin but his eyes aren't in it, they're smoldering with anger and the last vestiges of his ambitions.  
"If you intend to strip me, you should start with my clothes."  England blanches and rolls his eyes.
"Perhaps he should live in my house for a while?  He is a bad child but I'm sure I can teach him properly."  A cold chill runs through everyone at Russia's words, and England, Prussia and Austria exchange glances
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A Morning Without an Italian
A Morning without an Italian (in the Kitchen)
Germany rose at six, as per usual.  And, as was also typical of him, Germany was entirely prepared to rouse the Italian clinging to him as well.  Except Italy was not clinging to him—or at least, not with his typical stubbornness.  This morning it was less a vice grip and more like an accidental overlap of extremities.  The amount of uninhibited circulation was unusual and therefore bad; if his day started off-track, then surely it would remain that way until he went to sleep again.  He considered speeding up the process and just going back to sleep but, no, then he'd wake up late and that would further ruin the day.  Instead, he just looked over to the sleeping Italian, preparing to wake him, and despaired at what he saw.
  Italy's face was at once flushed and pale; his cheeks were a fevered red while the rest of his face was a sickly pallor, nearing white an
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Love too much to mention~ It's a yaoi smorgasbord?


Hello, long time no see!  Just so you know, I'm not moving back to this account, but I've got a question for the lot of you and I felt this was the most appropriate place for it.  

Obviously, it's been a long time since I've updated any of my D.Gray-Man stories. Lately, I've been considering finishing a few of them, namely A Black World Washed While, Less than Innocent, and Running from Sunrise. However, I honestly can't stand my old writing style, and the direction I went with BWWW in particular really just puts me to shame. So if I did finish any of these stories, I'd probably heavily revise them and for BWWW, would probably rewrite it all together.

So what do you guys think? Would you rather they be left alone, though unfinished, or would you rather see them finished, if heavily revised and (for BWWW) dramatically altered?

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All ur brests are belong to Saya
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Fwaa~ I found your DA I used to read your stuff on Fanfiction~
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SAYA-CHAN! HOW ARE YOU??! It's been such a long time T_____T
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I have been busy. So terribly, terribly busy. ;-;
And you lovely?
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:ohnoes: LIFE! LEAVE SAYA LONE!! SHE NEEDS TO BE FREEE :heart: :heart: :heart: It's been like a year since we've last talked ahahahaha (so long ago) xD

I'm suppose to be 'busy' finals nx week but I'm hording Tykan fics and drawing Tykan when I'm suppose to be studying econs and doing maths :(

I also read Saya's fic the other day the LaYuu and Tykan ones (about the geisha) I was like OMGGGGGGG *KYAAAA* I WAS MORE THAN HAPPY TO READ THE TYKAN PART!!
Sesshomarus4never Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2010
That's such a terrible length of time. ;_;

xDD I'm supposed to be doing Important School Things as well, but instead I'm doing NaNoWriMo and reading fics... yay procrastination!

I'm glad you liked it. It was such a fun thing to write <3
xmyux Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2010
Thankz for favin'!! 8D AHAHAHAHAHA :iconyayamericaplz:
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